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Events: Are you fit for purpose?

Events: Are you fit for purpose?

Our World | On 25, Jan 2012

January ‘tis the season to be dieting’. But let’s face it by February we’ll have given in to the temptation of ‘it’s my birthday so I brought in some cakes’, the gym membership card will be tucked away at the back of our wallets and our resolutions will be no more.

I by no means am a health freak as my colleagues will tell you; however I do continually ask myself ‘am I fit for purpose’. We work in an industry that is fast paced, often requires long hours and always needs our full attention. It is essential therefore that we give our bodies enough sleep, the right nutrients and some occasional exercise to help us perform at our best.

Last year I had the privilege of listening to a seminar by Tim Bean. He has been in the fitness industry for 15 years now. Before this time he was in danger of dying a very young man. Tim Bean was 26 when he received a written medical warning from his doctor.

“You know at work when you get a written warning twice, then you get the sack? Well if you get two written medical warnings, they read the second one out at your funeral”. Bean weighed more than 115kg, his cholesterol and blood pressure were sky-high and he was told he might not make it to 30. So how did he turn it around?

The gospel according to Tim Bean

  • Don’t eat deep-fried food
  • Take multi-vitamins every day
  • Eat a small portion of lean red meat twice a week
  • Eat at least six cups of vegetables a day
  • Drink no more than four glasses of alcohol a week
  • Exercise every day for at least an hour a day. Bean recommends full-body weight lifting and an hour of aggressive cardio (like running) three times a week, with a bit of yoga thrown in for – balance and suppleness
  • Don’t diet. “Weight-loss programs are all rubbish. All you need is a strong will”

I love that he says ‘don’t diet’, it is really a misuse of words – the previous points make up a diet! The list above may seem a little out of reach but my mum always says at least aim for the sky and you may hit the trees.

So a challenge to myself as a mother to a 3 year old and a Producer for one of the UK’s leading events agencies is to make sure I am fit for purpose, able to give 100%, a 100% of the time.

Events can be stressful, but ask yourself are you fit for purpose, do you try and maintain a physical well being? I’m not just talking about exercise; I’m talking more about giving your body time to recover. Have you got the right people in place to share the work load over 2012? Sometimes we all need to take a step back from our day to day grind and realise that we may be drowning slightly. Help is out there, whether in specialist fields such as production and the creative concept or even to help you through the process of registration. So lighten your load this year and let us help you to sleep easy.

Claire Cutlack