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A “little ditty”…The Road from Agra

A “little ditty”…The Road from Agra

Our World | On 22, Dec 2011

In a first for Our World, we welcome this contribution from one of our clients following an unscheduled road-trip from Agra to Delhi.  Anthea Hackett, one of the host partners from Danwood wrote the following:

The Road from Agra

An intrepid party from Danwood
Set out on a trip to the Taj,
On a train that took us to Agra
To hear of the days of the Raj.
A ride in a Rickshaw,
A trip to the fort,
Then lunch by a pool
And flight back- so we thought!

Our party of forty from Danwood
(with sense of humour in intact,)
Were not deterred by the news
That there was no flight to get back!
Four hours on a bus?- No problem, no fuss,
A few beers and a bit of a song,
Outside the bus , all life went by but the road went on and on!

To sum up the day of our travels
We looked at the Taj with awe
Some camels, pigs and an ox on the road
…Just some of the things that we saw,
But nothing prepared us – when we looked back
For what we saw from the train!
Six hours on a road – we will never forget,
But thank God, we got back to champagne!!

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