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A Poken Handshake

A Poken Handshake

Our World | On 16, Sep 2014

You might not even know what I’m talking about, but Poken has the potential to change the structure of exhibitions, conferences and even product launches of the future.

What is it? Well it’s a sleek device that enables you to digitally exchange data with a simple touch. Think USB stick that you only have to hold up next to a panel or another person’s Poken for a couple of seconds to obtain valuable presentation slides, their contact details…the options are endless.


How it works is really easy and gives you a great opportunity to engage with your audience pre-event. You simply set up a branded website/web portal that runs throughout the life of the event. This portal encourages presenters, exhibitors and guests to all populate their key information into their own private space. It also allows you to build the excitement for the event with some teasers or whatever might hook the audience’s attention. Once registered, each individual gains access to other useful event information such as the agenda, itinerary, speaker and exhibition information, e-tickets – and anything else you deem useful for your audience to know.


All sounds easy so far right? The truth is Poken comes into its own onsite. Delegates on arrival get issued with their own branded Poken device and their journey begins. Imagine your next exhibition or launch…every stand/station having a Poken “tag” that guests can simply tap to gain info sheets, demo videos or even detailed product explanations. It’s simple, quick and fun.

Post event

Want to access the info? Just plug the USB part of your device into your laptop/computer and log into the web portal. Your own individual portal will then show your event timeline, documenting who you met, at what times and what information you obtained. The portal also offers a whole range of data analysis that will help you dissect the event and quickly pull out the key info you need.

Overall it’s simple, fun and adds a new dynamic to your event. Your audience will chat more, interact with each other of most of all will have a great time doing it. From an organiser’s point of view, no need to bring boxes of brochures/leaflets as everyone will get the same info simply by tapping a tag on your stand!

Sometimes technology can make our life easier, with Poken it definitely does.