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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 24, 2017

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A Screaming Success

A Screaming Success

Our World | On 12, Nov 2013

Recently, I took part in M&IT’s Agency Challenge hosted by The Norway Convention Bureau and Innovation Norway.

It was a great day which was really well thought out and was a great example of how to take a bog standard networking / team away day and turn it into something much more coherent, useful and fun for those attending.

iPads were used throughout the event with a really lovely branded design that never let you forget who was hosting the event, plus allowed you to browse through loads of extra information in down time or when you weren’t involved in an activity. The iPads hosted a quiz that ran throughout the day, allowed us to view the original Scream painting whilst we were re-creating our own ‘interpretations’ and also look through the biogs for all the partners and check whether we were on track for the agenda.

All of the activities were themed (as was the event – even down to the delicious smoked fish and seafood salads at lunch) to Norway and the previously mentioned Scream painting as 2013 is the 150th Anniversary for Edvard Munch. It just seemed to make sense! With a clear theme echoed in every activity, we weren’t left scratching our heads wondering how on earth building a tower for an egg would be useful! It’s really important for this style of event to gel properly – as with Beattie’s fairground BBQ event that she talked about back in September.

Shooting the Video

We were also let loose with a video camera and a brief to create a movie with the title ‘Scream’ plus given experts to edit and improve our raw footage whilst we enjoyed Ice ‘Screams’ at tea break.

There was such a great variety of activities that used a huge range of different skills; it meant that each member of the team found something that they could really get involved with. It was also a great way to get to know the hosting partners and we could be really proud of our handiwork when we’d finished the painting and the video.

It was also an added bonus to hear from Tim Chudley, Managing Director of the Sundial Group and owner of Highgate House who, together with his 9 brothers and sisters grew up in the original, but rather dilapidated, version of Highgate House after his parents bought the property in the 1960s. The building was expanded by his family to what it is now and is a cracking venue for any kind of event with the stunning rooms in the original house for smaller, grander events and then a purpose built extension for larger conferences. The grounds were GORGEOUS and it was great to have a chance to explore every nook and cranny as part of the activities.

The day finished off with a more classic team building exercise to traverse a section of grass on planks and, to be honest, the least said about that the better! We’re a competitive and assertive bunch who failed dismally to come anywhere close to finishing in the time allowed. Still, it was nice to be out in the sunshine at the end of a really brilliant day.

Sarah Threlfall