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Abu Dhabi: The serious UAE state

Abu Dhabi: The serious UAE state

Our World | On 26, Jan 2012

The pace is fast moving in every sense! They like to think it is a blend of old and new but to be frank, you have to look hard for the old. This is a sky-scraper city flanked by its 6 kilometre signature corniche and overlooking the beautiful Arabian Gulf. In an attempt to soften the view, the coastline has been broken up by public parks, greenery and wide pavements. It has to be admired.

Most notable about this, the capital and second largest city of the UAE, are the local people themselves. Very warm and friendly, helpful and hospitable – that’s always my gauge when event buying – people first, product second. Deep-rooted in the culture, hospitality has become a social intrinsic value.

Quite simply, the long term outlook for Abu Dhabi, in terms of tourism, is fantastic. They support education, business, museums, arts, sports and music. Hotels, shops, souks, restaurants and entertainment complement in abundance and a very keen eye is kept on eco-tourism. All this and it feels ‘real ‘, it’s not a playground like Dubai, it’s serious.

And trust me as a country, it never stands still. The new destinations of Saadiyat and Yas Islands are mind-blowing.

Yas , is, of-course the home of the Grand Prix and Ferrari World, whilst Saadiyat, just 500 metres off the coast is for the environmentally sensitive tourists who will be able to marvel at not only Zayed National Museum but also soon to be the Louvre and Guggenheim Museums.

Like it or not it’s got to be on your list if you want to be at the front of knowing what the cool destinations are all about.

Susan Sexton, Events Team