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Adding To The Real World

Adding To The Real World

Our World | On 10, Jul 2014

Augmented Reality…don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a relatively new bit of tech that is being embraced at a varied speed by consumers and companies alike. Without getting into too much detail the term augmented reality (AR) is being pinned against a range of service offerings from GPS devices to presentation tools. Simply, it’s when you blend both real life and virtual technology to produce imagery or a display that incorporates both elements and almost creates a new platform where you can add to the real world.

Daily Life

We have all by now experienced some form of SatNav device. These devices take us from A to B and monitor our every turn. These programs give you a computer generated impression of your surroundings to enable you to know you’re taking the correct road. Now using AR, the guiding becomes more realistic with actual live images of our surroundings with a bit of virtual elements mixed in to direct you around. Check out this video to see what I’m talking about.

What does this mean for the events industry…well, unlimited options! I know this may sound excitable but honestly AR opens up a whole range of options for your events that previously were just not possible both pre and post event.

Pre-event comms can be radically different. Event invites for example can gain a depth element and can be so much more interactive. You could send out invites that first appear to be totally flat and regular. However when scanned by a mobile, come alive, play a video or even have animations to explain key instructions about the event day. You could even have a virtual boss passing on a private message. Imagine the excitement level of your audience when they receive what they think is a normal piece of post yet turns out to be an experience.

Event Day

Event staging would also change as products would be able to be dissected virtually in front of the audience on stage. I mean imagine that, a product launch that not only plays a video for the audience but makes them feel they are actually inside the product discovering the latest technology and upgrades. AR has the potential to make 3D look almost basic. Why just watch when you can interact and be involved. Presentations too, gain an extra level of interaction and the audience can only benefit from this as the learn more. Check out this presentation and start thinking about what you could do with AR.

Overall AR is a tech solution that has endless possibilities and thus allows us to offer more exciting solutions. The communications journey your delegates will experience is more full, complete and most importantly more exciting. What could you do with it for your next event?