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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | January 17, 2018

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Agency Evolution

Agency Evolution

Our World | On 20, Feb 2013

Following on from Nigel Cooper’s blog piece at the beginning of the year ‘2013 – the year of process change’; I thought it might be worth expanding on how we, P&MM are ‘evolving’ to ensure we continue to remain relevant in these times of change.

We work in an industry that needs to be creative, productive and cutting edge when it comes to ideas, but also organised, disciplined and structured when it comes to delivery. To find all that in one individual is difficult but not impossible but separating the two disciplines can lead to creative ideas that are a nightmare to fulfil.

Without creativity and innovation it is almost inevitable that you will end up doing things the same way and not ‘fixing something that isn’t broken’? I started to ask myself big questions about our own division with the also inevitable result that we embarked on our own campaign of evolution. If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question!

Providing client solutions

As we are all aware, the remit of the agency when providing a client solution is often more than the sum of its parts. We ‘sell’ ourselves on being an extension of the client team; helpful, consultative and experts in our fields. But, we do so much more behind the scenes; we are the conduit between client and end suppliers such as hotels, venues, transport, ground agents, airlines and so on. We negotiate best value, we have in place processes that support health & safety, industry best practice and we have laws that we need to abide by (H&S, TOMS, ATOL, etc.) To manage all of this, we have teams of experts, people that pride themselves on a job well done, but it all costs money – not an insignificant amount, especially when it is sometimes undervalued by clients. Creativity usually = cost, and a work / time cost analysis often suggests that a good number of events are not really profitable once all the initial creative input is taken into account.

You might ask yourself (as I am) why we are now adding to that cost recruiting a Creative Services Director and another multi-media designer? – a case of over servicing?

The very nature of events and communications means we are always looking to the future, so just because a process works today it doesn’t mean you should just ‘go with it’. Keeping us relevant and ‘fit for business’ means a continuous investment in resource as very little stands still in any walk of life. Failure to adapt to increasing demands for new technology, improved communications and ever more creative solutions is simply not an option. Gone are the days when an events agency simply planned and delivered events. The work P&MM do today creating and delivering mobile, social and internet communications, augmented and virtual realities and interactive measurement and learning solutions would be unrecognisable ten years ago.

The scary part in all this for me is the conversation I will be having in ten years time when we sit round a dinner table and laughing look back to 2013 and say with a nostalgic air, remember when…

Chris Clarke