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An Imperfect Balance

An Imperfect Balance

Our World | On 19, Apr 2012

As corporations take more seriously, the barriers holding women back in the business world today, we are seeing more talented women rise to senior roles. The Events industry is a great example of this, something to be proud of, as I would guess at least 50% hold top positions.

However, in Britain only 15% of women directors make up the FTSE100 companies. Little hope then in reaching the Government’s very modest target of one-in-four by 2015. The threshold set by the EU is 40% – laughable!

But can we really wait? A growing body of research shows the benefits of diversity in decision making. Further, it is revealed that companies with women among their directors are more successful than those whose boardrooms are male only.

As IMF head Christine Lagarde once said, “the recklessness that sank the global economy might have been prevented if the firm at the centre of the crisis had been called Lehman Sisters, rather than having not a single woman on its Board”.

But will we see more women picked for Board positions in the future to enhance the decision making and overall business performance?

I’m not holding my breath on that one for the next 10 years, but I will be sorely disappointed if I don’t see evidence of it within the next 20.

We will need to overcome the current economic crisis by making the most of the talents of everyone, no matter what their gender.

Susan Sexton, Events Team