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Athens: Exceeds expectations

Athens: Exceeds expectations

Our World | On 01, Apr 2010

Athens is strangely familiar, yet somehow not that well known.  This is a destination with so much to offer, yet it can be a difficult sell.  The weather is generally excellent most of the year, much of the hotel stock is now world-class, it is relatively easy to get to from the UK and most of Europe and there is a lot to see and do… so why don’t we sell it more often?

We have a large, pan-European incentive travelling to Athens early this summer and the programme we have put together is excellent and as we know the client very well, we fully expect it to exceed expectations.  The problem (even after selling Athens to the client) is with communicating it to their audience.  For some reason and despite the fact that it has iconic landmarks, it does not come across as ‘sexy’ as say, Rome or Paris, or as ‘vibrant’ as London.

It’s harder to get across the nightlife, the excellent eating and the super venues to today’s well- travelled clients.  Perhaps the people promoting Athens could try a campaign to reinvent it as they did for the Olympics.  It seems as though all eyes are on Athens now for the very wrong reasons and the high prices of eating and drinking (not to mention some room costs), don’t seem to help.

Saying all that – P&MM’s advice is … try it out, it really does deliver and it is refreshing that a city that does not set the world alight pre-event, exceeds most people’s expectations whilst on site.

Chris Clarke