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Barcelona: Truly world-class

Barcelona: Truly world-class

Our World | On 26, Mar 2010

What can be said about this ever ‘now’ destination that has not been said already?

Barcelona and its environs are world-class in every way… hotels are plentiful with new ones opening all the time.  It is trendy, yet traditional, classy, yet as ‘low down’ as you could ever want; it is surrounded by mountains, fringed with cool city beaches, offers culture ‘till you drop… yet still remains very cool, very urban and very hip.

It is often said that London is a country within a country, and I would say that Barcelona is of a very similar ilk.  It is huge in terms of population, yet very accessible; it is very international but retains a very Catalan heart. It offers everything a huge cosmopolitan city can offer and just a bit more, whether checking out galleries, schlepping around the former Olympic areas or taking in the panoramic views of the city from the cool terrace of La Florida (or the fairground) of Tibidabo.

Like all great cities, one of the attractions of Barcelona is that you can satisfy whatever you want from life in just a few square Kilometres.  It is very easy to get to, the new airport is a dream, hotels and dining experiences suiting all budgets… activities can include sailing on the Med’, karting around the city in bright yellow little Trabant style vehicles, treasure hunts, cooking schools or visiting Cava country just a short road trip away.  Again, like all great cities, you may have been there, experienced something wonderful – but it will always be able to offer you something new for your second, third or even forth visit.

Chris Clarke