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Connection Concern!

Connection Concern!

Our World | On 29, Mar 2012

Scandinavian Airlines – as with most things Scandinavian, there’s an expectation that their airline will work efficiently. And, I can report, it does.

Their planes are modern, clean, comfortable and well equipped. For example, in-flight Wi-Fi is being rolled out across the fleet. Their crews (cockpit and cabin) are polite, efficient and speak better English than many English people.

En route to Tromso, you have to change at Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport, a modern and highly impressive terminal, truly a Norwegian gateway given that Norway has more airports than any other European country (remember that for your next pub quiz). And it was operating normally in the snow and cold that would have had Heathrow shut down for days.

Most domestic journeys start, finish or connect via there and the connections work just fine. Tromso is a small airport but often small is beautiful as airports go and it’s barely 10 minutes drive to the “city centre” hotels.

As with most service providers (airlines are no exception) it’s when things go wrong that you discover just how good/ or bad they are. On our way back from Tromso, I was due to connect on from Oslo to Stockholm. I only had 45 minutes connecting time, just outside the minimum recommended but a bit close for comfort.

So, when we got to Tromso airport to discover that we would be 20-30 minutes delayed, I started to fear for the connection. As it happened, we arrived in Oslo with just 20 minutes before the onward departure time. Striding out from domestic arrivals to international departures (thankfully with no more security to clear), I was on board my connecting flight a mere 10 minutes after disembarking. Very impressive.

On arrival in Stockholm, I went straight to the baggage desk to report my case as a missed connection (let’s face it, there was no way…).

The airline lady gave me a patient smile and suggested I check the carousel. As I turned around, I swear my case was the next to appear. I had to check it was mine twice, such was my disbelief. I simply don’t know how they did it. I scarcely made the connection myself, how did my bag do it? I still can’t believe it even now that I’m writing about it.

However, it did. And that was amazing service. Well done Scandinavian, you really exceeded expectations, always a good place to be!

Robin Dixon, Events Team