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Four Seasons: Creating Events With “Wow Factor”

Four Seasons: Creating Events With “Wow Factor”

Our World | On 16, May 2013

It takes a lot to impress people today, and that’s especially true in the world of corporate events. At Four Seasons, our event planners are constantly working to exceed expectations. That’s our consistent goal when we’re conceiving group trips with our partners at P&MM.

We focus on customizing events, as we endeavour to impress people who think they’ve already seen it all. Here are some of the ways we do it:


Connecting with the local culture and character of each destination is one of the most valuable aspects of group travel, and it’s key to creating unique, eye-opening events.

In Lisbon, a group of 300 guests wanted to taste the city’s historic beauty. The catering team at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon saw the hidden potential of the Convento do Carmo, a convent built in the 14th century, but now in ruins with no roof, no parking and no infrastructure. Our staff installed everything on site, including a full kitchen, tables and audiovisual equipment. What seemed to be an impossible idea, became one of the most exciting events they’d ever created. Every guest knew they were being treated to a one-of-kind night.

Our teams have arranged epic dining experiences in the most unexpected off-site locations: inside the royal Tower of London, outdoors in the Serengeti bush and 6,000 feet above sea level on a majestic mountaintop.


Showing off the authentic character of the destination with off-site events is important, but it can often be more economical and easier logistically to keep a group in one place.

At a recent lunch break, our team at Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore invited a group to the hotel’s parking garage. No one knew what to expect. But they were delighted to find a lunch inspired by popular Baltimore food trucks, capitalizing on the latest dining trend. Six food carts served mini-tacos and margaritas, Kobe beef hot dogs and mini-hamburgers. Guests were blown away by the idea of having lunch in a parking garage – making clever use of a convenient on-site location.

Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole recently came up with a mind-bending idea that truly boggled corporate guests. The team arranged to fly in the actual furniture from a company’s executive office – including conference chairs, desks and chairs – and re-created their office in the ballroom for 24 hours, reminding the group to use what they’d learned at the event in daily life.


Over-the-top creativity can be fun and impressive, but it’s even more valuable when there’s a connection to the client’s business and the overall selling message of the event.

In order to create awareness for a new product by an express courier, Four Seasons Hotel Dublin integrated the company’s new package-tracking tool into a fun experience for group attendees. Upon arrival, guests were told that a mystery package had been hidden somewhere in the hotel and they’d receive clues to track it. Each clue showed off another benefit of the tracking system. The organizers were thrilled with the level of ingenuity from the Four Seasons team and how energized their company members felt about launching this new product.

Whatever the “wow” concept and execution, Four Seasons events are always customized to achieve key corporate goals, making the investment in the occasion truly worthwhile. We give our clients exactly what they want, along with special extras they might never expect, to create something truly extraordinary. Our teams work closely with P&MM to push the envelope and make events unique and memorable.

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