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Delivering On Your Doorstep

Delivering On Your Doorstep

Our World | On 18, Apr 2013

When it comes to the events industry, people imagine far away, exotic destinations but there is a lot to be said for delivering events right on your doorstep. Even when that doorstep is Milton Keynes, home of P&MM and possibly one of the more underestimated British towns.

When we landed a brief for a major press, corporate, fleet and dealer automotive launch to take place in the UK, we started brainstorming ideas for suitable locations. The two very different models, one aimed at city driving, the other at the suburbs and countryside, needed to be showcased to their best individual potential. Stiff criteria demanded varied venues, a convenient location that demonstrated the lifestyle context of the vehicles and a good mix of both urban and rural driving within close proximity. It should also have interesting design and architecture, as well as genuine green credentials. The more we looked, the more we realised it was all actually on our doorstep.

It’s not all concrete cows

Let’s be honest – Milton Keynes wouldn’t be everyone’s first choice. But dig a little deeper, get past the new city, concrete cow prejudice and it really does tick all the right boxes. It’s a thriving cosmopolitan place that, far from being an urban concrete jungle, has 20% of the city turned over to open space, there are 4,500 acres of woodland, lakesides and parks to enjoy. One of the first cities to install electric charging points for cars, it prides itself on the investment in new technology that has created energy efficient homes and buildings. The newly built Network Rail National Centre is one of the most sustainable buildings in the UK and the city has a goal for all new buildings to be zero carbon from 2019.
It is home to exciting leisure activities like indoor skydiving, snowboarding on ‘real’ snow and cable waterskiing, all within 5 minutes of the centre. Restaurants, the longest shopping mall in Europe, a modern new football stadium with an integrated DoubleTree by Hilton hotel, it’s all here. Plus Milton Keynes has great accessibility.

A city in the country

Situated just off the M1, there are excellent rail links and, within an easy 20 minute drive, you have Woburn Abbey and its surrounding parklands, the perfect setting in which to showcase vehicles and for our production team to run press briefings. Our client wanted to beautifully contrast the modern city and rural countryside with varied road conditions to demonstrate their vehicles to their best advantage. By using a combination of the modern DoubleTree, for the dealer conference and the historic Woburn Sculpture Gallery and surrounding city and rural roads for their press launch events, we delivered the combined production and logistics solution exactly to the letter of the brief.

P&MM Live! prides itself on coming up with the right fit for the client’s brand, their product and the market segment they are being launched into. In this case, we had the best of all worlds right here. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz “There’s no place like home” and sometimes you need to take a fresh look around you to appreciate what’s right on your doorstep.

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Sandra Collins