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Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever

Our World | On 03, May 2012

For a great many people the most significant thing about this year’s Diamond Jubilee will be the extra day’s holiday. Opinions will always be split on the value of the monarchy but we do all love an extra day off and over the years the royal family have been a pretty good source of extra holidays and an excuse for a school night drink – just like the millennium.

This year will be no exception and, if it ever stops raining, early June will see a mass of street parties and festivities that will be remembered by the participants long after the reason for that extra day off has been forgotten.

So if what we remember is what we did, where we where and who we were with, the question on every sales and marketing professionals lips should be “what are we doing for our clients” and HR directors should be asking the same question about their staff.

We spend billions every year on communications from advertising to corporate hospitality to try to make a brand impression and then along comes an event which will be lead story on every channel and in every newspaper for probably at least a week in advance of the event and companies do not appear to be focussed on the positive benefits of organising company wide activity.

As a certain meerkat might say, “it’s simples”. Look at the facts. A corporate street party, hog roast, picnic, dinner, lunch, breakfast, conference, or just “wine O’clock” on the Friday afternoon before a 4 day holiday will be appreciated and remembered by everyone and won’t cost the earth. And before someone says it’s too difficult or it’s not worth it, you’re wrong. It isn’t difficult, and it is worth it. Just look at the comparables and name other events where we all get a day off – oh yes Christmas, and New Year – are you seriously going to tell me that Christmas and New Year parties are too difficult and not worth it and that people don’t remember where they were and what they did – even if some of them might want to!

This is a case of get a grip, sort it out and do something. Your clients and staff will remember and will appreciate it.

Nigel Cooper