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Do you know about production?

Do you know about production?

Our World | On 14, Mar 2012

Like many of you I paid a visit to the Confex exhibition last week at Excel. Once Beattie (Production assistant) and I had managed to weave past the blue carpeted ‘location’ zone to the pink carpeted ‘something special’ zone we were able to start meeting potential new suppliers who were of interest to us. I was surprised on more than one occasion that when I explained we were from P&MM Live, the events production arm of P&MM how many people didn’t understand the concept of production.

Of course you as an educated reader know exactly what event production is all about but just in case you have a friend of a friend who may ask the question one day I thought it might be useful to break it down.

Essentially if you’ve got something to say we will help you say it. Whether that’s designing you a set and stage with full AV for your event, producing a video or building an exhibition stand we can help make your message engaging and memorable.

We are not an AV hire company (I think we have one roll of gaffer tape in a cupboard but that won’t get you very far). We have key preferred suppliers whose kit is the latest in the market and whose crew are the most experienced in the industry. This leaves us as producers to concentrate on your message, by liaising with suppliers to format your PowerPoint presentations, storyboarding your video or drawing up floor plans for your exhibitions.

I apologise if this is a really basic overview, and hopefully for most it is just a recap on information that you already know. The word production seems to cause confusion within the industry (as Confex showed) and I thought it was just a good opportunity to clear up our offering/ capabilities.

P&MM Live is all about creating an experience and not just about the physical kit. So anytime you have a message to deliver, and you’re unsure what to do to create the maximum impact, why not give us a call and pick our brains?!

Claire Cutlack