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Don’t get the runs on Ryanair!

Don’t get the runs on Ryanair!

Our World | On 27, Oct 2011

On 13th October I read a story in Management Today that my favourite airline was planning to remove all but one of the toilets on board their aircraft – no points for guessing who we are talking about!

Mr O’Leary’s airline clearly believes in the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity as they continually seek to create rumours about their latest daring madcap schemes which of course keeps them front of mind.

The latest genius scam of removing two of the loos to replace them with seats follows other ridiculous rumours like charging £1 for the toilet, removing the co-pilot seats, standing room only, £10 credit card fee, £5 to print a boarding card and perhaps the biggest scam of all, that suggestion that just because they are no frills means they are cheap!

No frills is probably just about the only statement that would stand up in court because cheap they are not. Despite the headline offer and everyone seemingly knowing that they will be stung at the back end, people still seem to have fallen for the ruse that whilst the service is poor, they are at least cheap.

This is all a bit fishy to me as in my experience they continue to be as expensive as anyone else. For example, on 21st October I enquired about a flight to Malaga from Stansted on 25th November returning on 27th – a fairly typical 2 night programme. Of course the lead in price was £29.99. For the sake of fairness I asked for a quote that compared apples with apples, so, one adult, return, inc taxes, inc fees, with a 20 kilo bag and a reserved seat – the same as British Airways who operate the route from Gatwick. Again, no points for guessing that the final price was slightly more than the suggested £29.99, in fact it was £150. And yes you’ve guessed it BA were slightly cheaper and also offered you a sandwich, a free drink and the prospect of a warm welcome and a reliable service. If that wasn’t reason enough not to fly with Ryanair, perhaps the prospect of the ladies and gentlemen from the hen and stag parties soiling themselves in the queue for the solitary loo might be more compelling!

Nigel Cooper


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