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Dubrovnik is now back on the map

Dubrovnik is now back on the map

Our World | On 28, Apr 2010

Back on the map, but this time considerably more upscale than it once was.  Dubrovnik is an impossibly beautiful, walled medieval city overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The red roofs and the stone walls contrast spectacularly with the clear waters of one of the least polluted seas in the world and the blue of the sky.

Despite suffering heavy and sustained bomb and mortar attacks during the war, local and international crafts people have put the city back together again under the ever-watchful eyes (and money) of UNESCO. If you had never travelled to the city before, you would not realise quite how damaged the city became. As the damage was not limited to any one area of the city, the hotels also took quite a hammering too, and whilst once upon a time it may have proved very difficult to refurbish them to an international standard, the re-building of the city, allowed the hotels to be developed properly, to a much higher level than they may have been. Alongside big hotel chains, many local hoteliers have given the city places to stay that can compete well with other Mediterranean cities, from cliff hugging larger hotels to tiny, luxurious, boutique properties in the middle of the walled city.

Outside the hotels, the city does have a lot to offer and I would imagine that it will become ever-more popular as a weekend break destination. There are plenty of restaurants and private venues, some of an exceptional standard… whilst others hark back to a bygone age where tourists get fleeced just for the privilege of sitting somewhere pretty. That said, the city has no such thing as bad view; independent boutiques are plentiful and everyone has a story to tell about the war (which actually makes interacting with locals an enlightening experience). The coastline is really lovely, the local islands offer great sunbathing (on stony beaches) and if you get the opportunity to explore further afield, Croatia offers exceptional nature reserves, exquisite coastline and numerous interesting cities and islands.

Chris Clarke