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E-bids are too robotic!

E-bids are too robotic!

Our World | On 03, Nov 2010

Is face to face contact really too much to ask?

I have always assumed that agencies are selected to tender, in the first instance, as a result of research carried out by the buyers/buying team. A reasonable democratic practice. Sounds fair.

In return, the agency, being experts in their field (assuming said selection process took place and all boxes were ticked in terms of job requirements), then do everything in their power to win the business.

This carries with it significant costs. No surprises there.

Solutions can be many and varied but most importantly they have to be on budget, realistic, measurable and deliverable. The sheer labour intensive time that it takes to deliver a full and professional response is rarely less than seven working days.

Experience, knowledge, creativity and flexibility will largely make the difference between winning and losing and most of all, the rapport and trust between buyer and agency has to be immediately apparent and solid.

I understand and appreciate that in the current climate costs are an important issue and tend to hang over the whole tending process. Procurement departments are gaining a stronger hold on budgets than in previous years, and will therefore control the costs of every event. However for all of the above reasons, it is my contention that the least possible courtesy should be for the buyer to allow the agency to present their offering face to face at the outset.

Just think of the ‘jewels’ that are lost along the way because the buying team did not read, did not understand, did not have the experience to appreciate what was put in front of them because the entire presentation had to be emailed . What real time difference does it make? We are in the communications business. Please allow us to do our job properly.

Susan Sexton, Events Team