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Events haven’t lost value just because the pound has

Events haven’t lost value just because the pound has

Our World | On 06, Jul 2009

In 2009, companies are cutting costs to address sales shortfalls but, for 2010 and beyond, they must address their sales and marketing strategies to deliver effective returns. Events have been and will continue to be a successful sales and marketing medium. During tough times however, companies are hesitant to commit to budgets and are more cautious about guaranteeing returns. They are also concerned about the perception of hosting impressive events. These companies are in danger of underestimating and ignoring the value face-to-face meetings produce.

With every recession companies cut costs and the marketing guru’s tell us that the ones who invest in sales and marketing will come out the other side stronger and more successful. A lot of companies listen to the message but don’t always hear it. Now, more than ever before, is the time to act. Sales are key to keeping a business afloat and live events, on whatever scale, are one of the best ways to produce sales and enhance your bottom line.

The key is to re-evaluate and work with organisers who can execute a low budget event with a different approach and emphasis. There’s a misconception that event organisers can only provide expensive events, but the reality is that events can and are being delivered on smaller budgets, but still meeting objectives.

Give your agency the challenge to make sales happen within the new budget framework, if they can’t, get an agency that can.