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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 24, 2017

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Festival Brand Activation

Festival Brand Activation

Our World | On 06, Aug 2014

Have you been to a festival recently? If not, you’re becoming part of an ever decreasing percentage of the population. Across the globe, the UK has gained the reputation for being the home of festivals. Sure the US has some large events but the UK is gaining a strong status for not only putting on great shows with top bands and artists but also for building an atmosphere. Glastonbury, Latitude, V Festival and even the BBC Big Weekends all have built a loyal following. Tickets are being booked and sometimes sell out before any acts have even been confirmed.

With thousands of people attending these events, some forward thinking brands are looking to realise the marketing opportunities these events offer. Fighting to gain the attention of customers…festivals offer a captive audience, a marketing dream! The key to success at events like these is to be casual but stand out from the crowd – you want to be the brand that is remembered!

Festival Branding

Branding is vital to festival success and needs careful consideration. However you present yourself normally, festivals are their own little bubble. Ditch the suit and embrace flip-flops and shorts. This is your opportunity to be loud and forward. Interact with the crowd and make sure your brand touches as many people as possible. Check out what Lucozade have done the past few years. Remember festivals are noisy environments and every brand is competing for attention. We recently helped a client to gain access to the artists backstage and invite competition winners to mingle with them throughout the festival. Exclusivity is key, if you can create an experience for an individual, they will never forget your brand.

Planning is critical, alongside a full understanding of your objectives for attending. Do you want to drive your social media interactions, are you introducing new products or are you simply there because your competitors are? Might sound crazy but all are valid reasons; the key is deciding how you will stand out and therefore make the event successful for you. Prioritise your communications strategy; build a plan of attack that will excite the audience pre and post event.

Don’t get me wrong festivals might not be perfect for every brand. The question to ask yourself is…can you afford to miss out on a marketplace that brings thousands of potential customers together?