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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | January 17, 2018

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Getting Fit for Business

Getting Fit for Business
Our World

Building and maintaining business relationships is always a challenge, never more so in these days of belt tightening and cut backs. Rising to the challenge of maximising marketing budgets means taking a different approach.

We are all only too well aware that lavish corporate hospitality is inappropriate. Clients have far tighter restrictions on what they are allowed to accept and attend, plus the Corporate Bribery act has made everyone take a hard look at the invitations that pop into their in box and ask themselves if there is any real business merit to spending that time out of the office. The Olympic sponsors’ empty seats are perhaps a testament to how difficult pure hospitality can be these days.

That is why here at P&MM we have taken a fresh approach to relationship building by creating an experience that brings together business partners and corporate buyers for what we hope will become an annual industry event of networking and valuable business updates; the P&MM Clipper Challenge 2012.

The objective is to create a thought-provoking, engaging event under the theme of “Fit for Business”. It will deliver the opportunity to network and share best practice with key business partners as well as participate in an inspiring, outdoor, healthy and cost effective activity. We are serious about making this about being “Fit for Business” from a mental and physical perspective.

Guests will hear from keynote speakers on business topics that are relevant to their needs as event buyers. Plus they will participate in an exhilarating day of competitive racing on a fleet of round the world racing yachts; an amazing opportunity to check out an option for team building events or incentive rewards.

This will be an event industry forum where they can share ideas, discuss common issues and both mentally and physically challenge themselves to see how “Fit for Business” they really are.

We believe that the P&MM Clipper Challenge will be an outstanding opportunity to combine business networking and hospitality in a fresh, exciting way. If you are interested in getting involved with P&MM Clipper Challenge, either this year or in the future, as a participant or business partner, then why not get in touch with Chris Clarke at