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Golden Triangle – Central London

Golden Triangle – Central London

Our World | On 14, Mar 2013

If I said the Golden Triangle, you would naturally assume that I was referring to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, however I’m not. I’m talking about a lesser known triangle much closer to home, The London Stock Exchange, St Paul’s Cathedral and Paternosterchop House. All located within a 1 minute walk of each other in Central London, this unlikely trio recently offered a unique experience for one of our clients.

Prior to this event the London Stock Exchange to me was an enigma. I naiively expected to see a rammed trading floor, covered with men dressed in brightly coloured jackets gesticulating to each other in some mad alien language. It’s actually the opposite, a tranquil high tech building with a state-of-the-art conference theatre available to hire for corporate “news sharing”. As an added bonus, while the guests register there are live recording studios in full public view with numerous screens showing the highs and lows of stocks and share prices. All of these screens in the theatre gallery become “ours” for the morning so we were able to show videos clips and static pictures, so there’s no mistaking that it’s all about us!

The conference was hosted in a very comfortable theatre with deep seats and plenty of leg room. A high tech in-house booth at the back of the theatre came with an inhouse AV expert, which resulted in a stress free conference hosted in comfort.

A treasure on our doorstep

At the end of the conference the group were taken, as a surprise, for a private tour of St Paul’s Cathedral. This element of the day was genuinely enjoyable as few had ever visited the Cathedral and they were hugely impressed by the Whispering Gallery, Triforum and the Crypt. The knowledge of the guides was outstanding and on the event feedback, 95% stated that the tour exceeded their expectations. Amazingly very few people who frequent London had actually been inside the Cathedral; so sometimes it’s true that we don’t always appreciate what’s on our very own doorstep.

After the tour it took only moments for guests to arrive at the Paternoster Chop House for lunch. The proximity of these three venues makes this an excellent solution for an event in London. We had exclusively taken over the restaurant and a full British menu was served. The restaurant buys British produce fresh everyday and their chefs create dishes that are a feast both for the eyes and the taste buds. At a time when the press were saying we may all, at some point, have eaten something which once ran at Ainstree, it was very welcoming to be served genuine British Beef! Plus there were tasty King’s Lynn potted shrimps, Lancashire cheese and rhubarb from Gloucester. To add a final touch of fun to the day, a celebrity chef joined us to compere our own “Generation Game” style competition and sign his cookery book which was part of a guest goody bag.

Without a doubt this location triangle of very British institutions made this an enjoyable and interesting event. From an event organiser’s perspective, the facilities and service throughout made it a joy to work on.

Sarah Stanyer