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Have You Heard Of The Internet?

Have You Heard Of The Internet?

Our World | On 29, Jan 2013

I had a strange experience when I popped into a large supermarket this week. I wanted a smart phone cover and asked an assistant in their mobile phone shop if they had one for this particular model. They didn’t but, and this is the bit where I went “I’m sorry?” he asked if I had access to the internet? Now a couple of things here made me mentally take a step back. First, I don’t actually know anyone who doesn’t have access, from 10 year old kids to 75 year old pensioners. In fact research last year showed that the internet contributed a bigger share to the economy in the UK than any other major G20 country. Plus I’d just told him I had a smart phone! So to quote Homer Simpson…”Doh!”

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His second comment made my eyebrows climb even higher, “Had I heard of Amazon?” I swallowed the temptation to be sarcastic as he went on to explain I could actually try them to buy my phone cover. Wow, who’d have thought, online shopping!

Considering this was in a busy superstore in a modern city, Milton Keynes, I was seriously surprised at his questions. However it got me thinking about just how popular online shopping and the internet is; perhaps I’m the one making assumptions (turns out I wasn’t). So I decided to do a bit of digging.

Last year the Boston Consulting Group said we carried out more retail commerce online than any other major economy. Growth rates are predicted to expand at 11% per year reaching a total value of £221bn by 2016. Especially gob-smacking when it compares with projected growth of 5.4% in the USA and 6.9% in China. By 2016 23% percent of all our purchases will be done via the internet.

That is a lot of “add to basket” button clicking. (If you want an insight into how mobile impacts on the retail experience, check out this great infographic on our Pinterest site).

Fact; we love our internet.

We have long recognised the importance of the internet and mobile here at P&MM. It can be a challenge ensuring communications work across multiple platforms and the latest mobile handsets as technology changes so quickly but if we are going to connect with today’s audience, we have to make it work. And clearly mobile is the way we are going, although even I was surprised at my final fact find.

Apparently in response to the question, “What would you give up to maintain your broadband connection?” 65% said they’d give up alcohol, 76% chocolate and 78% coffee. Plus an amazing quarter of those surveyed said they would consider giving up sex for a year!!! Does beg the question what sites they’d end up surfing but still…

Sandra Collins