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Hong Kong: Langham Luxury

Hong Kong: Langham Luxury

Our World | On 06, Jul 2011

Finally I got the chance to go to Hong Kong, as any of my colleagues will explain, I couldn’t hide my excitement in the weeks leading up to my visit. For me there was the added benefit of a personal element to the trip, being as my grandmother is from Hong Kong.

Anyway enough of my excitement, let’s talk about the flight. Just between you and I, I didn’t really know what to expect from my 12 hour experience with Cathay Pacific. Honestly though, I would have no problem recommending them to clients or friends. I was based in economy and the overall feel really impressed me, from the funky seats that don’t intrude on the passenger behind, to the great food and even better service. Obviously everyone gets a private screen and full access to a raft of movies, music and tv shows.

Arriving into the new Hong Kong Airport is a pleasure, you barely feel the 7 hour time difference and with us arriving in the morning we had a whole day of exploring to look forward to. Passport control is very easy and it may be worth noting that Hong Kong requires no visa (however entry into China over the course of an event programme will).

After a 20-30 minute transfer, I arrived at the Langham Place. What to say about this hotel…well it’s certainly very tall! The high rise building dominates the skyline and thus creates fantastic views of the harbour. To add to this the ultra modern interior and use of the latest technology really grab your attention. This hotel has a total of 500 beds, 4 restaurants, an amazing spa (which I had to thoroughly test out of course!) and a shopping mall attached to the side of it.

In my opinion the hotel lends itself perfectly to a conference for about 120 pax and all types of incentive programme. The location guarantees that all the sites can be found within roughly 5 minutes, which makes it great for exploring the local area. Don’t worry about the language barrier either as everyone speaks English to an impressive standard. Langham Place also has some gorgeous little touches, from the executive lounge, allowing you to freshen up upon arrival while a couple of items are pressed ready for your meeting, to the iPhone 4 in my room to help keep my phone bill down during my stay. Not to mention the stunning views from the roof terrace/ pool area – beautiful.

Since my visit had started so well, I couldn’t wait to see what the other Langham had to offer. I wasn’t to be disappointed either. This more traditional hotel is closer to the harbour and lower in height. What you lose in views, you gain with an attack on the senses, with bright lights and advertising boards aplenty! From high end fashion houses to the main technology players it simply is too much for your eyes to process. This hotel is perfect if all your group wants to do is explore for themselves. Local markets are clean and the whole area is very safe (I was walking around alone and never felt unsafe).

Hong Kong is a real experience and the overall feeling you’ll have is wow that was pretty special. Next week I’ll take you round a few more hotels and some little hot spots that aren’t in the regular guide books…

Pia Zeyss