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Human Interaction Is The Future

Human Interaction Is The Future

Our World | On 04, Oct 2012

For perhaps more than 20 years presentation and content have been the king and queen of communication events. Of course there are always some brand specific exceptions, but in many instances destinations and venues, as long as they are big enough and easy to get to, have been less important than the message and its delivery. But how long will that trend last?

The world’s population currently spends 10 billion hours a day on the internet – that is a staggering 3,650,000,000,000 hours a year and only one third of the population are connected. As tablets, smart phones and connections grow it is anticipated that by 2018, there will be 50% more people connected and average time will also increase by 25%. That means a mind boggling 6,387,000,000,000 hours of internet connection per year. i.e. a lot!

All these people will be Googling, Binging, Wikiing, Facebooking, Pintresting, Tweeting, Yammering, downloading, and probably Google goggling every detail of every brand, product, company, event and no doubt every detail of everyone as well. The volume of consumers and the incessant clamour for content will drive ever more intimate, personal and private information to be shared and consumed, digested and regurgitated in what will be the greatest media battle of all time. How long before your latest product launch is on YouTube or Twitter? Or better still a viral, augmented reality where your tablet and reality goggles combine to put you in the car driving down any road in the world, feeling the breeze, the motion and speed as you test drive the latest concept car. Sounds crazy? Perhaps no more so than mobile communicators, voice recognition, video screen communication and mobile information tablets were 40 years ago in Star Trek. Yesterday’s pure science fiction is today’s reality, so the odds are that many of today’s dreams will become tomorrow’s reality.

So, in a world of constant data download, perhaps even direct to a receptor in your head at some point, what will be the future of communications events – after all, all they will do is tell you old news in an old fashioned style. You will already have seen, tasted, touched, felt, heard, read, digested and dispensed with the product or message before attending the meeting.

But, can you download atmosphere? Can you Pinterest team work? Can you YouTube interaction? What about camaraderie, experience and motivation? Tweeting should never be confused with networking and face-timing is not the same as socialising.

Humans are primarily social animals demanding interaction to not only survive but learn and develop. Technology will never provide interaction, inspiration, motivation, atmosphere and a sense of belonging, so meetings and events seem set to survive a few more years yet. However technology will change and replace content delivery, so perhaps tomorrow’s meetings will be more about who, where and when rather than what and how.

Nigel Cooper