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I can’t stand Ryanair!

I can’t stand Ryanair!

Our World | On 14, Jul 2010

I can’t stand Ryanair. I read with horror the latest PR stunt by Michael O’Leary. “The world’s favourite airline”, as it laughably calls itself, has a new ridiculous PR stunt – an online poll to see if passengers would be prepared to stand if they flew free or at half price.

From charging to use the toilet and now this, the man is exploiting the desperation of the media with a silly “news” story and the desperation of people who will suffer discomfort and indignity to stand near the toilets for an hour – just to save a few pounds or Euros. It’s all PR nonsense to get free publicity for his shoddy airline.

We all know that nothing is ever free with Ryanair; there will always be various charges to get onto the plane that will generate plenty of revenue and profit for the airline.

What really annoys me is that Ryanair promotes free and discounted seats, saying that you only have to pay the taxes, or on some promotions they are “tax free”. Again this is utter nonsense. Taxes are fixed and the same for all airlines point to point. Charges are of course totally at the discretion of the airline to decide what it deems to be “charges”. Easyjet, for example, discloses and passes on third party charges and so its fares tend to be higher, but taxes lower. Other airlines are less honest and disguise their own fees as “taxes and charges” to make you think their fare is cheaper when in fact it is more expensive.

If you want some proof, then look at this. On 12th July at 11.30am I asked for simultaneous costs from Ryanair and Easyjet from Stansted to Alicante. Ryanair was apparently only charging £44.99 outbound whereas Easyjet was £67.99. Now guess which one was cheaper – Easyjet of course. The Easyjet fee included taxes and charges whilst the Ryanair fee was subject to a £5 online check in con and £30.07 so called taxes and charges making the Ryanair cost £80.06 – 17% more than Easyjet. Then I asked for luggage and return flight costs. Again the headline Ryanair fare was cheaper, but when you added £50 for a 20kg bag compared to Easyjet’s £18 and then £5 for the return check in and £27.42 taxes and charges, well of course Ryanair was much more expensive. In fact, its taxes, charges and luggage were more than the fare. Of course the true cost of tax is significantly less but Ryanair continues to sell fares this way and people continue to buy them – so who’s the fool?

How much more of this nonsense are we going to have to stand?

Nigel Cooper