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Iceland: Just Like Marmite

Iceland: Just Like Marmite

Our World | On 30, Aug 2013

My thoughts on Iceland following a recent visit…well honestly it is a bit weird! The landscape is moon like, there are no trees in sight and the days were short. Interestingly, some of my events colleagues LOVE this country. They love the vast raw landscape, the nature, the geothermic springs and lakes, the glaciers…one thing is for sure, Iceland is like Marmite, you will certainly have an opinion on it (love or hate it).

Quirky Hotel

My visit did however, help me to discover a quirky new hotel; The Ion Iceland Hotel. Located near to Lake Thingvallavatn and adjacent to Thingvellir National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Centre), Iceland’s newest 4 star hotel, was built from innovative materials and used fully sustainable practices. The hotel blends its natural surroundings with a modern luxurious interior incredibly well. An hour from Reykjavik, the hotel has 46 rooms, a Northern Lights bar with floor to ceiling windows, a spa and high quality dining. Be warned though, Iceland as a country has some interesting food combinations, which may need to be considered when planning group dinners. One evening, I enjoyed a strange combination of Brussels sprouts with lemon and then mid meal some ice cold lemon vodka (worked for me though as it erased the taste of Brussels sprouts!).

Opened in February 2013 this hotel will appeal to anyone with an active nature. Embrace being away from the hustle and bustle, breathing in cool mouthwash style air, kayaking, hiking and partaking in many other outdoor activities. Similar to my recent visit to Tromsø in Norway, this destination forces you to try something different, take on unusual adventures and explore a different culture.

A Lasting Experience

So what have I learnt? Getting there is easy. Icelandair flies to Reykjavik from Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, and Glasgow. Reykjavik is also served by Wow Air from Gatwick and EasyJet from Manchester and Edinburgh.

Iceland isn’t to everyone’s liking, and whilst I can’t state it is my favourite place on earth, it truly offers a unique experience. You will certainly return with a smile on your face. As a destination, it gives you an opportunity to break away from your day to day and try something new. Even if that’s competing in some crazy races on freezing beaches in flip flops, which remains one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen (whether it was intended to be funny remains unclear). Seriously though, Iceland will leave a lasting impression, which is all you can ask of a destination or an experience.

So try something weird…try Iceland!

Jo Randall