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Is cancelling incentive trips the answer to our prayers?

Is cancelling incentive trips the answer to our prayers?

Our World | On 06, Jul 2009

There’s been a lot of talk about high profile incentive travel with cancellations due to perception. As a taxpayer, I want the banks to rebuild their business as quickly as possible so the next government can clear our massive debts by selling their shares at £5 each! If a few hundred thousand or even a few million pounds spent on events and incentive travel helps to grow their business performance, then the banks and the Government have a moral and economic responsibility to do what is best to drive profit, rather than appease a few journalists at a couple of newspapers. I also wish that journalists would realise that when they feast on bad news it impacts people’s actions in a negative way. Constant media referral to the recession causes people and companies to stop spending money and one of the first things to go is advertising which impacts the same journalists own employers’ ability to pay their wages.

Yes, this recession is currently placing pressure on all aspects of public and private life. But it’s a chance for quality companies to shine. Enough with the constant doom and gloom, it’s time to realise the recession will end and the economy will recover and that’s when you really need your top performers. So don’t stop – or fail – to invest in your most precious resource. If your staff are used to working for that all-expenses trip to Monaco, then make sure that is still within reach. If you need to cut costs then consider other options such as making the trip for two days, instead of four. Don’t compromise on the quality that your top performers are used too, instead set above budget, but still realistic, targets that make the reward self financing. Above all, maintain motivation. Salespeople love to feel successful and important, and that confidence flows through to their performance and their customers. Remind your sales people they make the sales that employ everyone in the business! Above all else work hard to maintain your sales teams motivation – if you aren’t trying, why should they?