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Is communication suffering?

Is communication suffering?

Our World | On 06, Jul 2009

All companies are under pressure to reduce costs and marketing is often an easy target, but it makes common sense for companies to look to reduce “unnecessary” costs and to ensure that the money they do spend is invested wisely.

Recent reports have highlighted what we already know – 97% of email is spam. I like all business people receive mountains of email with introductions, offers and discounts for products and services that we do buy, it is not classed as spam but is still ineffective marketing as I like most people look at who has sent the email and then delete up to 90% without reading.

Most markets have shrunk and there is overcapacity, so given that everyone has a website and an email campaign how do you differentiate your products and services today? As a typical private consumer and corporate buyer I can verify that most products look the same and the brochures certainly claim that they do the same, so besides looking at the price the only key differentiator is the service, or the salesman.

When I first started work as a salesman  there wasn’t an internet, there were no websites, we couldn’t afford TV advertising and the nearest thing we had to email was the telex! Remember fax machines, pc’s and mobiles were all mid 80’s onwards. So we had no option but to pick up the phone, talk to people, and go and see them. Our biggest marketing campaigns were face to face meetings through exhibitions, conventions and meetings. In a market saturated by email and web good old fashioned face to face communication has a massive impact.

Need more convincing? Do your grocery shopping on line. We tried it and found we spent 30% less because we only bought the things we thought we needed and had no visual stimulation to try anything else. The same psychology applies to people in business so the message for success is clear, people still buy people, so get back to basics and put meeting potential customers top of the agenda.

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