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Is it the final curtain for the Christmas party?

Is it the final curtain for the Christmas party?

Our World | On 27, Aug 2009

Christmas has been around as long as…well, Christ (obviously) and every year it’s the big celebration – not just for hundreds of millions of children, but also families, couples, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunties, grandmas, granddads, young party animals and of course, staff! The yearly Christmas celebration contributes a great deal to the UK events sector.

You do occasionally meet grumpy old men who say, “I hate Christmas” but, by and large, it’s a time we all look forward to. Sometimes (it has to be said) it can all be a bit of an anti-climax and be over and done with before you know it. That’s when you’re left wondering ‘What’s all the fuss is about?’ But hey, come next December you’ll be looking forward to getting dressed up for the office party.

Of course, for company directors it can be a bit of a nightmare as they balance the typical concerns of liability and cost. So what better excuse to get rid of a proper pain in the backside than the “R” word – recession – and assert, “We can’t afford it”? Alternatively, if you are still making a few billion here and there, you can use the “P” word – “perception” – and then say, “We can’t be seen to be doing it”.
I’ve already booked our event for 2009 and it will be a celebration. There will be a free bar, there will be a party and no doubt on the following Monday morning there will be a lot of laughter and a touch of embarrassment! He may be ruining the country, but we shouldn’t let Gordon Brown kill Christmas as well!So this year it is estimated there will be fewer parties than ever. This basically means a lot less cost and hassle for the boss. Great. But it also means there’s less to look forward to, less to celebrate, less team togetherness, less excitement, less enthusiasm and, oh yes, much less of a thank you for the staff who have kept you afloat this year. Not to mention, a lot less projects for event organisers, suppliers, venues, caterers and entertainers.