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Japan: At a glance

Japan: At a glance

Our World | On 24, Aug 2011

I believe we all need to support and assist the rebuild of this fascinating country by identifying as many opportunities as possible to recommend the destination for incentive and conference work. Japanese manufacturers in this country, are always leading from the front, were amongst the first to pioneer overseas incentive travel very often setting the standards with a dealer visit to ‘the factory’ plus at least one other  city – after all, Japan truly is one of the easiest countries in the world in which to travel.

On my part, I cut my teeth in this industry, operating under the most challenging conditions (being young and female) and thank you Japan, for teaching me so much! You can’t underestimate the inspiration that can be taken from either the traditional culture or the cutting edge technology, and its natural wonders are more than enough to compete with its cultural treasures.

Life in Tokyo moves with an energy bordering on mania. Stylish hotels, lots to see and buy, the Fish Market, Electric Town – fashions begin to fade almost as soon as they are deemed to be ‘on trend’. Kyoto is one of the world’s richest cultural cities with 17 Unesco World Heritage sites – it’s where you will find the Japan of your dreams – bamboo groves, geishas discreetly hovering in the shadows of the traditional restaurants, pebbled gardens and golden temples floating above tranquil waters.

Hakone, popular for its views of Mount Fuji, is perfect for exploring the extraordinary. Walk through the cobbled streets in your kimono for the most relaxing steam bath in a public bath house, feel the glow afterwards and linger in a tea house serving up warm, sweet sake followed with a massage and the most amazing night’s sleep you’ve ever had on a futon spread on the floor.

It used to be considered expensive but so many other capital cities have caught up and by talking about it now for a programme next year, I don’t have to tell you just quite how fantastic the rates are.

Susan Sexton, Events Team