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Making cruises work for you

Making cruises work for you

Our World | On 06, Jul 2009

Cruising can work for a range of different business purposes, and whilst they have been traditionally utilised for incentives and product launches they can also be effective for meetings and conferencing. You have a captive audience so it is a great way to deliver a business message with drinks and dinner afterwards, whilst you overlook the ocean or harbour.

When chartering a ship work with your supplier to plan your route carefully so that the ports utilised work for delegate air access and delegate visa entry requirements. When on the ship each guest’s individual space is important therefore a balcony for each cabin is an important feature and an area where brands such as Silversea come into their own by delivering the right level of experience.

There will of course be a range of facilities, activities and entertainment onboard which can be tailored and branded to client requirements. Be sure to encourage a balance between organised time and leisure. For me, cruising at its best represents the old world of travel when the journey, like the Orient Express, was part of the experience and an opportunity to relax, don’t lose this by packing guests itineraries unnecessarily.

A thorough analysis and negotiation of your inclusions with potential suppliers will help to work out your best budget option. There are a number of factors which requires close attention for example the fuel allowance that you contract too, so be sure to research all of your options thoroughly before booking.