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Mary Rose Opens Her Doors to Clipper

Mary Rose Opens Her Doors to Clipper

Our World | On 30, May 2013

Hot off the press… a new world class museum opens its doors to welcome visitors and the crew from the P&MM Clipper Challenge.

Less than two weeks ago I had my second inspection visit to the brand new, world class museum in Portsmouth – The Mary Rose Museum. We are going to be one of the very first corporate events to operate here and I wanted to satisfy myself that it would indeed be open for our event next week on the 4th June. It will be – and what a museum it is.

We will be hosting our Clipper Challenge networking session at the museum but, in addition, our guests will be treated to a guided tour of the venue, which has been built AROUND the hulking wooden hull of King Henry VIII’s flagship – the Mary Rose. The layout of the museum affords visitors a genuinely ‘experiential’ walk through, complete with noises, video and gently sloping walkways strategically laid out to mirror the decks of the ship as you see it through the windows. There are skeletons and artefacts; you learn, but not in a ‘shoved down your throat’ kind of way… its condensed history is essentially this:

A Tudor ship. Built in 1510 of approx 600 large oaks. Compliment of 200 sailors, 185 soldiers and 30 gunners. Up to 91 guns. In service for 34 years. Sank in 1545. Re-discovered in 1971. Raised in 1982. Now in the final stages of conservation.

An exciting new venue

It is a genuinely fascinating experience and leaves you in awe in terms of the size and intricacies of both the ship and its protective museum surroundings. It also makes you understand why most of our forests disappeared in the 16th Century – there is an overwhelming amount of timber in each of the vessels made (around 40 acres of woodland!).

On a practical level for our industry – it is a museum that actually functions well as an event space. It has boardrooms with views, wrap around balconies and plenty of outdoor space for food and beverage functions. Inside there is a presentation space complete with AV that will more than suffice for a relatively small-scale meeting (circa 120 people).

The museum is of course located in the military docks, which is shared with numerous ‘civy street’ attractions, so either before or after the visit to the museum, there is plenty of other attractions to visit.

Chris Clarke