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My Favourite French City

My Favourite French City

Our World | On 21, Mar 2012

At a recent dinner I was asked which was my favourite French city? My immediate reply was Montreal! I wasn’t trying to be clever or obtuse; it really is one of my top 5 favourites.

For me it has an almost perfect blend: it’s exciting, safe, friendly, cosmopolitan, modern and full of diverse European flavours with a North American twist.

Did you know that Montreal is the world’s 2nd largest francophone city behind Paris, a foodie’s paradise with over 6,000 restaurants serving more than 80 different international cuisines, and only 6 hours from London! With over 200 festivals every year, this great city has even been tagged as a ‘City of Design’, by UNESCO. Montreal also ranks 3rd in Lonely Planet’s best summer cities after Barcelona and Sydney.

Ranking alongside Barcelona and Berlin in the New York Times most “hip” cities, Montreal has a passion for culture and seems to provide a great vibe whatever the time of day.

It is also a city definitely open for events business with the Canadian 5% Federal Tax currently 100% refundable on guestrooms and 50% refundable on F&B for non-Canadian groups. And just to make it easier the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, is offering this service to groups at final billing stages so you don’t even need to fill in the forms!

From legendary mountains, rivers and stunning scenery to chic French cafes, thriving local markets and New Orleans style night life it really delivers on every level.

Nigel Cooper