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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | January 17, 2018

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Not So Frequent Flyers

Not So Frequent Flyers
Our World

Being in the events business we all get a bit blasé about flying, travel, hotels and so on. We tend to take it for granted forgetting that for some, flying is a rare and nerve racking experience.

Take for instance a recent conversation overheard on a flight to Spain when the family in front were excitedly chatting. Looking out of the window the young lady expressed her concern that. “They’re taking the steps away!” she exclaimed. “So?” the chap next to her said. “Well how are we going to get off when we land?” she replied. If that made my eyebrows shoot skywards then her next comments definitely had me biting my lip. The Captain during his welcome had warned their might be some turbulence en route. Shortly after, as we bumped and rumbled along the runway, up she piped again with, “Oh yeah, you can really feel that “Turblance”, is it going to be like this all the way?” We weren’t actually wheels up at this stage.

Finally we were airborne and bless, she still had another worried question. “What’s all that smoke outside!”…. That would be the clouds.

Now please don’t think I’m being patronising, it made me smile but also think that maybe we aren’t all as travel savvy as the media would have us believe. Sometimes we just need reminding that although in our business we think no more of hopping on a plane than others do getting on a train, we need to stop and consider that it isn’t the case for many people. Even with the advent of low cost airlines and last minute online bargains, not everyone is jetting off for long weekends in Europe, for many it is still a once a year adventure if they’re lucky.

Perhaps this is why incentive travel is still such an aspirational reward. Not only does it deliver something out of the ordinary, but often experiences that are out of the reach of even the most seasoned traveller, let alone the not so frequent flyer.

So next time you are tutting at the people in the security queue who are clueless or watching someone unable to figure out seat numbers or overhead lockers, don’t be so quick to sneer. We’d probably be equally lost if someone asked us to get a bus in to town.

Sandra Collins, Events Team