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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 24, 2017

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Now Here Is A Teaser…

Now Here Is A Teaser…

Our World | On 05, Dec 2013

A couple of weeks ago I got to experience a few days in the sun, temperatures in their mid 20’s and the sight of multi million pound yachts moored in a harbour with crystal clear waters. It was November and weather in the UK was struggling to get into double figures; there was even the threat of snow. If it were not for my family at home, I’d have considered calling the boss and trying to pull off the phrase “sorry missed my flight home”, in a convincing manner.

On the second day the weather hit 26 degrees! Where can you expect these temperatures in November? Bermuda or Sydney?Nope too cold (23 degrees). Cape Town? Getting there, that’s 25 degrees. Destinations that experience 26 degrees at this time of year include Miami and Rio, both of which are nearly 7 hours further from the UK than where I was sat sipping wonderful local wines.

So where was I?

Let me give you some clues:

  • Flight time from London – 3 hours
  • Regional flights from 20 airports in the UK and Ireland
  • Five star hotels with group rates at this time of year around €130 sitting alongside apartments worth millions
  • Compact – you never seem to be more than 20 mins from anywhere
  • Multiple venues that can host over 1,000 people
  • Some of the best nightlife in Europe
  • A capital city due to be the European Capital for Culture in 2018
  • Was awarded the George Cross and as such is one of only two collective awards ever presented.

So did you guess?

It’s Malta and it’s a destination that has come a long way since I last visited 15 years ago. Yes, it still offers value for money and if you are that way inclined it still has the bars and restaurants that attract 30,000 people nightly (on the weekend) around Paceville. BUT (in caps as it’s a big BUT) – it now has a level of sophistication that I felt it was missing 15 years ago.

If you see it as a destination only suitable for junior staff…think again! Those people with their multi million pound yachts moored in the harbour are there for a reason and that reason is simple – Malta does five star very well indeed. It even does it on a budget, so with great flight access, nightlife and weather Malta’s great for this industry.

Paul Lake