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Our Hot Resorts: Stunning Silversea

Our Hot Resorts: Stunning Silversea

Our World | On 07, Apr 2011

Ever wanted to view the world through different eyes? How about gain an understanding of how royalty and the other half live? Well if so, you may want to consider a Silversea cruise. You receive some of the highest service levels in the world, with a ratio of 1 to 1 serving staff to guests, and get to experience 5 different cities in a week. Being on board one of these delightful ships is simply exquisite on the mainland.

We chartered the Silver Whisper for 7 days, allowing our group the pleasure of their own private ship. The service was all inclusive, giving guests the comfort of fully indulging in everything that they wanted (with the exception of spa treatments). The ship itself was fully equipped with four restaurants, three bars, swimming pool, wellness spa with beauty salon, fitness centre and sauna, DVD library, casino, shops and a daily programme of entertainment, activities and escorted educational experiences.

Our event incorporated a business element in the multi-tiered show lounge, which is equipped to a high specification. Branding the interior of the ship sets an atmosphere of pride and unity. Silversea were very accommodating with all of our requests as we chartered the entire ship for our event, however if you are bringing a smaller group onboard then branding may come with some restrictions. Another benefit of holding the event on a private ship is that you don’t need to worry about press coverage and media exposure as you are away from prying eyes.

The Silver Whisper is one of the industries smaller vessels, still capable of accommodating over 300 guests in complete luxury. It’s size enables docking closer to the centre of the host cities so you step off the ship and straight into the city (such as the English Embankment in St Petersburg). When you arrive at your destination, the ship comes into its own as you slowly cruise further than anyone else into the heart of the city. Guests enjoyed great flexibility when the ship is docked as they were allowed to jump on and off to explore the sights, sounds and culture of each city before heading off on the seas in the evening.

A Silversea cruise is simply the height of luxury fused with the potential to create a unique and completely personalised experience. The experience and surroundings change as you move from city to city and thus allows guests to crisscross Europe/the world and access a whole range of experiences. This type of cruise works fantastically for a group with partners and this style of event helps combine a conference with an incentive. With more events incorporating a business element, the cruise can be adapted to accommodate both, while still providing the highest levels of service and experience.

I can honestly say that the flexibility and service provided by Silversea changed my opinion on cruising forever and unlocked the doors of Europe for the whole group!

Alex James