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Our Hot Resorts: The Beautiful BVI’s

Our Hot Resorts: The Beautiful BVI’s

Our World | On 27, Apr 2011

What can I say about the British Virgin Islands (BVI’s)?

In my opinion, one of the best places in the world to send an incentive group! I know this is a strong statement to make however I think there’s something for everyone.

Right, now time to back it up! First of all the basics, the BVI’s are situated in the Caribbean and forms part of The Leeward Islands. It’s located to the North West of islands such as Nevis, St. Kitts and Antigua which gives it some form of protection from the inclement weather the area can get at certain times of the year. Access to the islands is quite simple if you know how. I flew from Gatwick into Antigua with BA which helped me avoid any stops in Barbados. Flying time is 8.5 hours which is really reasonable for an incentive market; from here you take a connection flight onto your base.

Whilst there are fantastic hotels such as Necker Island and Scrub Island, my advice is to see the islands by yacht. This for me is by far the best way to experience the area, visiting different islands as opposed to being stuck on just the one!

What do you get from a private yacht that is different to a hotel experience? Pure luxury mixed with flexibility. The boat I loved was a catamaran which has 3 guest cabins plus one crew cabin. Each cabin has wardrobe space, an en-suite bathroom (with separate shower and toilet), individual air conditioning and an outside view (portholes).

To the rear of the boat is a dining table and a large cooler (which was always full with beer/wines etc) and to the front is a HUGE netted area for sunbathing. Each boat was crewed by two individuals, the hostess and the skipper (who are traditionally a couple). The service I experienced was fantastic.  The hostess was waiting on people 24 hours a day, she cleaned the cabins, made sure that everyone had suntan lotion, cooked and even acted as a guide when we went snorkelling.

Places that have to be visited are as follows Norman Island (made famous by Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1883 novel, “Treasure Island“). Some of the best snorkelling in the BVI’s is situated in this area – specifically at ‘The Indians’ (four tall rock formations) and ‘The Caves’ (where Pirate treasure has previously been discovered!). Also if you want a late night that’s fun for the group then William Thornton’s Pirate Ship (Willy T’s) is a fabulous little nightspot. It’s an old schooner which has been converted into a bar / restaurant, and guarantees a hangover to all who visit! Then to end the event if you want a gala dinner ashore, the Bitter End Yacht Club is the best place to go. There’s a raised area above the marina which can be used for pre dinner drinks and the food is simply fantastic.

Overall the plan for your visit is simple, just relax and enjoy yourself. The BVI’s are fantastic and really offer a whole range of options that will make you laugh and smile. I would recommend setting places to meet for your meals as this allows you to see everyone, but you also don’t feel like you are being herded around as part of a big group. The whole ethos of the place is to find your own piece of paradise. Days are spent either relaxing on board, snorkelling or kayaking and then there’s always the excitement of sailing to the next destination. So get out there and enjoy!

Paul Lake