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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 24, 2017

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Our Lively Cities: Buenos Aires, a city with attitude!

Our Lively Cities: Buenos Aires, a city with attitude!

Our World | On 04, May 2011

Is it Madrid or Paris? After a 13 hour flight from London you discover that Buenos Aires looks like a beautiful European city but with a much more seductive appeal. An awesome metropolis, with an intriguing cosmopolitan feel and a frenzied nightlife.

A melange of designer boutiques and grand parks, colonial architecture and outdoor markets all held together by the attractive, somewhat arrogant residents. Maybe the word ‘proud’ would be a fairer description.

Lots to do: bizarrely – the Recoleta’s cemetery to rub shoulders with the famous, dine at one of the many Parillas (steak restaurants), shop in San Telmo and party away at Palermo’s trendy nightclubs after learning to sweep your leg dancing the sultry Tango. Don’t miss either, in the southeast of the city near the old port, La Boca, with its strong Italian connections and home of one of the best known football clubs.

Football, Tango and Tombs…hmmm…an interesting framework for an incentive itinerary but where to stay?

When it comes to hotels there are options for all types of groups whether you require modern luxury or an intimate and personal palace. Buenos Aires has a variety of great hotels, here’s some of my favourites:

  • Alvear Palace Hotel – a palatial, intimate experience with a traditional style of opulence
  • CasaSur Art – boutique luxury at its best
  • Park Hyatt – offers historic charm with modern comforts
  • Four Seasons – modern technology fused in timeless decors

Even with this great list, there are a few that I intend to visit on my next adventure to this beautiful city. Faena Hotel+ Universe has been described to me as a decadent wonderland, which is certainly enough of an intrigue to make me want to visit.

This is the hub to an amazing country and with a little more effort (and budget) you can really knock the socks off your guests by venturing a little further out to where the land of the Pampas begins the land of the Gauchos and their ranches. This gives your guests a real cultural experience that is unlike any other around the world.

For an incentive group, Buenos Aires is exciting and foreign without being so foreign that you become home- sick! It offers a thrilling experience with a dangerous and mysterious undertone. Delegates need to be reasonably travelled to appreciate and embrace the full potential of this vibrant city. Well worth considering for your next incentive if you want something slightly different with a high energy.

Susan Sexton, Events Team