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Our Lively Cities: Hong Kong packs a punch!

Our Lively Cities: Hong Kong packs a punch!

Our World | On 06, May 2011

In over three decades of being in this business, I have never been able to quell the excitement of knowing a visit to Hong Kong was on the books!

Not only have I operated in this dynamic 24 hour city more times than I can count, I also like to visit for personal holidays as well.

You cannot under- estimate the noise, activity and colour, the contrasting tastes and diversity that ooze out of an area populated by more than 6 million people sharing a land measuring about 1100 square kilometres.

To my mind the hotels lead the rest of the world in service and creativity. They set the standard, and in my view Shangri- La resorts and hotels lead the way.

Hong Kong continues to grow – more and more investment in new restaurants, entertainment facilities and reclaimed land for even more shopping! Hong Kong is a dynamic city, it has an offering quite different to anywhere else in the world and it still strives to develop and improve.

The tram cars, the ferries and the subway ensure super efficiency to discover the old, the new, the east and the west. But at the end of a long day, there is nowhere as fascinating, ever-changing, or as beautiful to watch as the city skyline from across Victoria Harbour. From the mountain perched buildings twinkling in the distance to the somehow amazing calm of the incessant harbour traffic right in front of you, displaying almost every type of water craft known to man. It really is a surreal sight.

So overall what does Hong Kong offer? Simply, a busy and amazing experience for any conference or incentive delegate. Service levels that are exemplary, hotels that are fantastic and an activity list that’s as long as my arm. This small region certainly packs a mighty punch!

Susan Sexton, Events Team