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Paris: Don’t overlook a classic!

Paris: Don’t overlook a classic!

Our World | On 11, Nov 2009

If you look at the major hotels chains of the world they have one thing in common – they all have, or are planning to build, hotels in Paris. Leaving us with one logical conclusion, don’t overlook the classics. Paris is still a great location and its appeal remains stronger than ever.

The hotel chain Shangri-La is in development of a stunning new hotel in Paris, which is due open at the end of 2010. By all accounts the 1896 built building will make for an elegant and very opulent surrounding. With grand rooms and an obviously high level of service this is definitely a hotel that I look forward to visiting. Also, in 2011, Starwood Hotel & Resorts are planning to open one of their W Hotels (W Paris- Opéra). This will be perfectly placed for shopping breaks or a more cultured experience of the vast array of Parisian museums and galleries. With the Louvre and Notre Dame close by, this hotel will be right in the heart of a stunning city and therefore may be a great option for corporate groups. Exclusive use of the 90 guestrooms may also be the perfect way to achieve a private and low key event that limits the potential risk of negative publicity.

Enough about what’s to come, let’s see what the city has to offer now…
Paris delivers at both ends of the spectrum, from the 440 roomed Westin to smaller chic hotels such as the Prince de Galles. Each establishes a charm and elegance that we’ve come to expect from this great city. The Westin has a very modern design yet still manages to maintain a high level of luxury. It’s also somewhat a ‘tranquil oasis’ within a manic city. On the other hand you could choose to stay at the Prince de Galles. This hotel is ideally situated near the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. The Prince de Galles is a shoppers’ dream, located close to some of the major fashion houses it gives you a glimpse into the lifestyle of society’s elite. Delegates could enjoy a day or even half day at leisure and really explore what Paris by day has to offer. Whether it’s Dior, Chanel or Louis Vuitton that you’re after, Paris is the perfect place to hunt down that little treat.

Paris is a fantastic destination for any type of event. It’s a city that offers a whole host of options with entertainment, hotels and experiences to cater for all tastes. Done right, Paris could be a real eye opener for your group and could really grab their attention.

Paul Lake