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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 24, 2017

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Production Planning

Production Planning

Our World | On 16, Jun 2014

In the events industry the term production is widely used, and appears to cover a multitude of aspects from suppliers wanting to sell their services to organisations. The big question is, what does the term production actually mean? Is an AV supplier the same as a production company, or should event production encompass a lot more than presentation kit?

Here at Zibrant LIVE! we believe events are based on two way communications, creating a legacy, a lasting experience. The production encapsulates creative messaging and makes the story live on.

So when considering using a production company, what should you be looking for and what should the company be offering to extend the service beyond being an AV supplier?

  1. Objectives – Understanding your brands mind set is critical to achieving desired outcomes. Off the shelf solutions may provide an instant fix, but won’t provide the creative input tailored to your objectives and brand strategies. A good production company will dig deeper and create a solution which works with your brand and event strategies to effectively deliver and achieve set goals.
  2. Structure – The flow and format is vital to an event’s success. Creative input and event experience can make the difference between a dynamic, thought leading and energetic event or a pedestrian series of presentations. The structure should positively embody the project strategy.
  3. Venue – The venue and location can be the make or break of your delegates take away opinion of the event. Logistical elements will always be a key factor in the selection process, however unique venue options can inspire and excite your audience. Industry knowledge and strong partnerships can open doors to innovative locations you may not have considered.
  4. Event thread – This is the link that pulls the event story together, the beginning of the communication journey, the food, staging, presentations and entertainment right through to post event comms. By linking the creative elements together you never stop communicating with your audience, building strong relationships and commitment along the way.
  5. Technology – Technology plays a huge role in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in events, while reinforcing the event message. From event marketing, delegate registration and participation, the scope to engage with your audience is vast. With the ability to bring social and professional elements together, the ability to leverage connectivity with attendees can be achieved in a meaningful, interactive and personalised way.
  6. Speakers – The story tellers, the information providers, the motivational inspirers, the people who will be remembered as the face of the event. A good creative production agency will guide and coach the speakers to effectively deliver the event message.
  7. Post event – Creating a lasting experience. Keeping your audience engaged following the event is as important as the event itself. Maintaining momentum to reinforce your message and brand will build your profile and business opportunities. Planning the follow up strategy and keeping your audience committed is key.

So next time your sat with an agency and they offer you production just question what are they really bringing to the table? Creativity, options and ideas are what you pay, if they don’t offer enough of them, maybe it’s time to shake things up and try something new!