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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 20, 2017

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Production: Top Tips to make an IMPACT

Production: Top Tips to make an IMPACT

Our World | On 04, Oct 2011

Following on from the harrowing tale of my last minute wedding venue change, this week I want to share with you some of the tricks I used to make my day unique…useful snippets of information that could be utilised on your next event.

Thinking of your guests before yourselves
When planning the day, I kept at the forefront of my mind the audience.

Working for P&MM means you have lots of friends who can help with logistics, so once the event schedule was written, the food chosen and timings perfected, I was able to concentrate on what I enjoy the most…the production!

A grand entrance
Guests want to see drama, they want to be entertained. I asked the marquee provider (Wings Marquees) to create a secret entrance at the back of the stage. I then choreographed a short wedding party entrance for the ushers, bridesmaids, bride & groom to the sound of Elvis Presley ‘Burning Love’, resulting in a fun, unexpected start to the wedding breakfast.

Looking to your next event, I would suggest taking a similar approach for speaker entrances, a few ideas include;

  • Film them re-inacting their favourite movie moment
  • Morph baby pictures into their adult faces
  • Get them to do an X Factor style intro

Whatever it may be, give them the introduction they deserve…the audience & presenter will thank you for it.

Let them eat cake
Some items (whether for weddings or events) have a high price tag ‘just because’. For these type of purchases, you need to think outside the box. My left field solution centred around my cake. Did I want to spend £400.00 on a bit of sponge and icing – no, did I want to make an impact – yes. So, I asked one of my set & staging suppliers (Hawthorn Theatricals) to create a 4ft wide solid black tiered cake stand with 146 lollypop stick sized holes. I then ordered 180 ‘cake-pops’ from Starbucks which cost £1 each (a few spares, just in case). The result was a stunning and completely unique structure which cost a fraction of the price.

Smile, you’re on camera
We didn’t opt for a standard wedding photographer – my opinion – when are you ever going to use photos of relatives lined up in ill-fitting suits, wearing awkward smiles. No group photos for us, instead a selection of repertoire shots capturing key moments. The result was no waiting around and fantastic photos courtesy of Lisa Bretherick Photography.

Passport to success
I have never seen a party photo booth fail to add intrigue and excitement to an event – and ours was no exception. The fabulous ‘Picture Blast’ ( – photo booth hire) provided a wonderful traditional photo booth. The idea is simple – squeeze as many of you as you can in the booth, make ridiculous faces for the 4 photos, collect your print –and ta-dah, an instant memory to take away with you. This booth also had a feature to film messages and upload to Facebook or email.

Well it is England after all…
Every bride dreams of a sun on her big day, but most wake to dark clouds and the threat of a downpour. I came up with alternative plans to make rain a positive…I bought myself and all my bridesmaids brightly coloured wellies – perfect for the photos, just in case. I was actually hoping to make use of them, but I’m pleased to say, they stayed in their boxes.

I also bought blankets from IKEA and embroidered them with our name & wedding date – they kept our guests warm, and provided a little keep sake. A great, cost effective gift (the blankets cost £2.89, and the embroidery £4.00). Embroider your company name and staff will be promoting your brand every time they have a picnic!

On top of this, we had a sweet stall, a flair cocktail bartender & a choreographed first dance – all maintaining the momentum of the day and keeping everyone entertained!

A big thank you to all the suppliers mentioned. As ever, it’s the perfect team which makes an event a success.

Frankie Baldwin