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Production: Understanding technology is key

Production: Understanding technology is key

Our World | On 18, Aug 2011

As Nigel mentioned last week, technology is becoming ever more influential on how we plan and deliver our core business messages. Whether it’s via a conference call during the planning process or as an aid to delivering your final message, technology is always part of the solution in modern conferencing.

With my production hat on I can say that ‘Augmented Reality (AR)’ is an extremely exciting development. It allows you to mix real and virtual worlds together, thus creating a very appealing presentation. As mentioned last week, certain sectors will be able to benefit from this greatly as it really gives you the ability to strip a product down to its bare bones!

Take the Pharma market for example, imagine the faces of delegates as you not only explain the benefit of the latest tablet you have developed but you then actually show them the affect it will have on the human body. This technology gives you the flexibility to create anything you want from a visual display, which will ensure an engaged audience throughout a no doubt lengthy conference day!�

The automotive sector can benefit in a similar way – dissecting a car can easily be done on stage and every component examined. Manufacturers will love this as it allows them to show the press and dealers every new feature on their latest model, without making them climb under the car to actually see it for themselves. AR also provides a solution for venues with limited access. If you’re struggling to get a car on stage, AR allows you to leave them outside and have a lifelike model with you on stage, without the issues of wheeling.

One thing to consider when planning a conference using AR, or any form or presenter technology, is rehearsal time. I know nobody likes to think about it or even participate in a rehearsal sometimes, but AR relies on prompts and a well drilled presentation. There’s nothing worse than using the world’s best technology and it making you look like a fool on stage.

The truth is face to face meetings are still the best way to communicate a message. Technology only gives you fancy methods of delivering that message. However your presenters must be willing to dedicate time and effort to practise and rehearse. Technology shouldn’t just be used for the sake of it, but we must remember that it wasn’t that long ago that PowerPoint was seen as the new wiz kid on the block, wowing audiences across the world! I however agree with Nigel, some technology needs time to bed-in within the mass consumer market before you find it being adopted on the business side. Technology still scares some people and therefore its best that they are completely familiar with the features and benefits before they feel confident to use it in front of an audience on stage.

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