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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 24, 2017

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Spaceships & Graffiti

Spaceships & Graffiti

Our World | On 21, Nov 2013

Right from the first step, I was sold on the digital art of the hotel website while I was online browsing for a place to stay in Berlin. Rockets, satellites and even an orbiting ‘Fountain of Youth capsule. Based on their digital brand alone and excellent public transport links – the ‘Michelburger’ would be my unique space for four days to lay my head during my visit.

I set off in search of Berlin’s visual feast of art, architecture and anomalies – I wasn’t disappointed.

It helps to think of the city as a giant historical and evolving creative canvas where you can find national treasures, the world’s most famous Cold War border crossing, shopping malls located along the extremely punctual U and S train station systems and whimsical graffiti art forms adorning every other apartment block. The graffiti is a sore point to some in the city, with a recent poll revealing two out of three Berliners find the graffiti an eyesore.

Making Art Functional

Highly recommended is a trip to the ‘Reichstag’ – perhaps Germany’s most famous landmark, this muscular Neoclassical building now has a Norman Foster designed cupola you can walk around for free, revealing a magnificent 360 degree vista of the city.

Berlin has so much to offer and really can provide something for everyone. KaDeWe the gigantic department store that’s pure class, has an excellent food court and even if you don’t like shopping, it’s well worth a visit. The corporate architecture of the Sony Centre is let loose along the former death strip of the Berlin Wall with spectacular results.

For the history aficionados there are countless opportunities to explore the city’s troubled past. The poignant Judisches Museum attracts visitors far and wide just to see the Libeskind-designed building, but the excellent museum is worthy of its home.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to food and drink while you are exploring. Berlin is a vibrant, energetic city that has a lot to offer the visitor. You must try the sausage; trust me there are flavours here that will blow your mind. Obviously it wouldn’t be a valuable trip to Germany without trying a local specialty to accompany your food…few would argue that ‘Berliner Weisse’ is one of the world’s best brews. Just don’t be shocked when your beer turns up looking green or red!

Dave Jones
Creative Director