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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 20, 2017

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The Agency Team Challenge: Taking the Plunge

The Agency Team Challenge: Taking the Plunge

Our World | On 05, Apr 2012

Recently a group of us visited Norway for a Scandinavian adventure. On our first day, we visited a wonderful spa.

Accommodating between 12 and 18 people; it’s small, beautifully constructed and only available for private use by small groups. It has a traditional Finnish wood burning sauna, with a window providing panoramic views. Next door is a changing area complete with robes, thick fluffy towels and slippers. There’s even a Turkish steam hammam downstairs, complete with tiled cold bath!

Next door, is a Zen relaxation room, all wood panelling and heated slate floor, again with a wood burner throwing out a warm flickering light. Off the Zen room is a cosy treatment room. Any massage preference can be catered for upon request.

Upstairs from the Zen room is a saloon come dining area, think big wooden table with bench seating covered with furry reindeer skins. This area features a show kitchen where the chef produced a simply delicious lunch, washed down with a couple of local beers.

Outside, well – an open air hot tub awaits any hardy souls. Actually, it was great fun, sat in there with a drink wearing furry hats to keep our body warmth in!

And there’s a rather special plunge pool. Apparently, that’s what Nordics do. They get hot in the tub then hurl themselves into freezing water. And repeat. Good luck to them – I’ll stick to the hot tub, thanks.

So far so good – but pretty normal, yes?

Not really – I’m teasing. This spa, featuring all of the foregoing facilities, is located on a converted fishing trawler.

And the special plunge pool? The Arctic Ocean!

A simply brilliant and must do experience, one none of us, I suspect, will ever forget. And one colleague did go from tub to ocean. And it was cold, very cold; I’ve never seen her move so fast!

Robin Dixon