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Techy geeks are the future!

Techy geeks are the future!

Our World | On 22, Mar 2012

One of the greatest challenges facing us all must be our biggest opportunity – that is, information technology, particularly social media – I am told I have to make friends with it.

Last year on-line retailing grew by 16% which equates to 53% of the population buying goods online but the high street is a minor battleground! Retailers as well as the service industry are using email, mobile, social media and the web to capture customers’ attention.

How do you stand out from the crowd? Well I know that in my job, it’s about focusing on the ‘human’ element.

Higher engagement with customer prospects leads to increased brand loyalty and I’ll do whatever my IT team advise, to improve visibility on all of the key digital channels.

However, when it comes to the crunch, there’s just one big, fat provision…personal service. In the event management business, that’s what the customer is ultimately paying for. Experience, good judgement, sound advice and a solid partnership. Clients and prospects want a benchmark that is appropriate to their business and reflects their standards.

P&MM customers enjoy working with the same team, year after year. Our business has been built on that trust; delivering a service, keeping a promise, going one step further and pushing the boundaries between impossible and possible.

Technology is vital in the era that we are in, that there is no doubt. The key aspect to remember is that it’s only a means of delivering your message and that using the right solution is crucial to maximising the overall impact of your event. Technology can make an event great for a second but the message will last with the guests for a lot longer.

Susan Sexton, Events Team