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Tel Aviv: Culture, history and cool

Tel Aviv: Culture, history and cool

Our World | On 02, Feb 2012

Have I been there: Several times

Were your events successful: Very

Would you return there now: Absolutely

We’re living in a volatile world – what are you going to do? Stay at home? Hardly the British way of doing things!

Tel Aviv is in fact a world heritage site but it’s not all about its culture and history, today it is one of the coolest cities to visit.

There are some decent 5star hotels (notice I use the word decent as opposed to luxury) mostly located on Hayarkon Street. The international chains such as Sheraton, Hilton and Crowne Plaza offer good space for large meetings but I think the local character of the Dan Hotels is what you want to experience. The Dan Panorama is just across the road from the beaches and sands of the Mediterranean and a team activity of backgammon on the beach is unique, fun, the local thing to do and a great way to de-stress.

The city is a major player in the clubbing world with a vibrant party life and clubbing scene – in fact it is so sought-after you have to carefully research the quietest nights to go in order to avoid the queues. The young generation are direct, friendly and enjoy a good debate. The whole place is casual yet trendy. The food is wonderful and hey, Jerusalem is only just an hour down the road. Just one unique experience after another here and your programme would be packed with them!

Susan Sexton, Events Team