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Zibrant LIVE! Our World | November 20, 2017

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The Agency Team Challenge: Anyone for a song?

The Agency Team Challenge: Anyone for a song?

Our World | On 12, Apr 2012

Day two…As part of the northern lights festival, we were given tickets to see a chamber choir, in a small local church in Sommarøya. Imagine the Vicar of Dibley style church at minus 10 degrees.

We took our seats with about 80 people, luckily in the front row, just as The choir made their way in…all 32 of them! I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much as we were in a basic church in the middle of nowhere…and then they began to sing. Wow they created a noise – it felt like a wave of beautiful sound, which washed through me and actually made me take a little gasp of breath. This may sound dramatic, but it was my genuine reaction; I would never have appreciated the sheer magnitude of sound and truly spiritual feeling that a group of human voices alone could create. Dramatic, emotional and moving…I remained mesmerised for the next hour by their beautiful voices taking me on a musical journey evoking feelings of lightness and shade.

We were subsequently told that this choir was one of St Petersburg’s number one chamber choirs, more used to singing in cathedrals and huge concert halls rather than a small venue, making it even more of a privilege to have witnessed their talent first hand.

Always with an eye on events, should you want to deliver something truly moving and memorable this could be it. For me it has left a lasting impression and remains one of the main highlights of this trip; we know they certainly travel outside of St Petersburg, even to a small church in Sommarøya; so look them up if you want something special!

Jo Randall, Events Team