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The Agency Team Challenge: Light Up Your Life

The Agency Team Challenge: Light Up Your Life

Our World | On 03, May 2012

Anyone who knows me at all knows that anything to do with any form of physical exertion is really not my thing. Hence when the Cool Agency Team Challenge was unveiled, the mere words “hit the slopes” had me running for the couch and I could not hit the delete button fast enough!

When my colleagues returned from the Challenge event with big broad smiles announcing that not only had they won the competition but the top prize, which unbeknown to them was an all expenses paid trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights, I could have kicked myself for being such a lazy arse. The Northern Lights was something I really wanted to see once in my life.

Well…a few weeks later, my colleague Sarah had to pull out of the trip and the hunt was on for a replacement, so you can imagine my delight when I was picked. Fast forward 4 weeks and I’m on my way to Tromsø in Norway with 4 colleagues – here’s the “High light” (get it?) of my experience.

We flew with SAS via Oslo, the ins and outs of which Robin’s earlier piece covered – what I will say is they were brilliant, although avoid the Roast Beef and Potato Salad on board!

Anyway some elements of the trip have been discussed before (amazing choir, hot tub on a boat etc), but I must tell you about one of my favourites. One night at approximately 11pm we got into our hiking gear which consisted of thermal layers, 3 pairs of socks, ski jacket and salopettes, 2 hats, a head torch and hiking boots and drove to the middle of nowhere (imagine a scene out of Crimewatch, middle of nowhere) and climbed up a mountain with minus 10 winds whipping our faces. On more than one occasion I thought this is it, my life literally flashed before my eyes, I almost had icicles hanging from my nose, it was that cold!

It felt like we hiked for hours, I was rather disappointed when someone pointed out it was just 30 minutes. The purpose of the exercise was to get to the highest, darkest point to get the best view of the Northern Lights. Guess what? Zip, nada, nothing, not a flicker. All that effort and we didn’t even get the slightest whiff of a Northern Light.

When we eventually trudged back to our cabin, we snuggled up in the lounge in our pj’s, got ourselves a much needed hot drink and lo and behold, we looked out of the window and the Northern Lights had come out and were the most active we had seen during the whole trip!! We could have just taken the couch potato option and stayed in the warm cabin all along ha!

Seriously though, afterwards I was so glad we did the hike, it was something that I never ever would normally do, so it was nice to have had the experience. For anyone that hasn’t been already, please add it to your list of things to do as it really is a special experience.

Taj Pabari, Events Team